‘The National Anthem’: How Western politics has made affected our perception of reality
Lauren Nadalin

I’m glad you wrote about this episode, because it’s probably the most plausible Black Mirror scenario, since the technology was all based on what’s available today, it wasn’t really a projection into the future.

I actually thought this episode was satire the first time I watched it. You bring up Donald Trump, but not everyone realizes that this was released about four years prior to “Piggate”, a 2015 story that alleged David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at the time, had engaged in sexual acts with a pig as part of a hazing ritual at Oxford University. Considering that the first installment of Black Mirror was vindicated so soon, we can only imagine what were in for.

And you’re right, the fictional blackmail of Michael Callow, the alleged scandal of David Cameron, and the very real presidency of Donald Trump, are all only possible because of the prevalence of viral social media.

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