A Prescription to Protect Our Care
Congressman Ami Bera

well all of you are so out of touch with the real world

5 years ago my family of 5 were paying 850 monthy for kaiser silver type of plan with a 30 co pay

now 5 years later we are at 2350.00 per month, we now give 20% plus of our income to heath care, and that is after taxes, so tell me how you are really helping people like me, keep you hands out of my pocket, i think it is so funny every one out here has a smart phone, laptops goes out to dinner a few nights a week, but no heath insurnance, it is people chose not to have a plan in lots of cases, they would rather play and risk no mediacl knowing that they can go to any hospital and be taken care of, fix that and cost will go dn, as for the usinsured, same thing here, at least if we are going to do something they must put skin in the game, a % of income and you need to verfie it,

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