Becoming a Mountaineer

June 8th: 1st Attempt

Thursday night, a day after an overnight drive from San Francisco to Portland, my climbing partner and I were eager to get to the iconic Timberline Lodge to start our journey up Mount Hood. The plan was to take the popular approach from the south side, go up to Crater Rock, and take the Hogsback to either Pearly Gates or the Old Chute, depending on the snow condition. The forecast called for several inches of snow at the summit a day prior and winds up to 40 MPH. Thursday night and Friday morning was supposed to be calmer, before the snow return for the remainder of the weekend. This was probably our only window, even though 20 to 30 MPH wind was still not ideal.

Precipitation stopped when we got back down to the parking lot

June 10th: Second Attempt

Unsatisfied by the outcome of the first outing, we scavenged for weather reports the following morning to find our chance for redemption. Lucky us! Several sources suggested an improved outlook for Saturday night. We were ecstatic, even though we had to abandon and scramble our original weekend plans.

Raining on the drive up to the Timberline Lodge on Sat. evening
The summit of Mount Hood with the spotlight from the Snowcat
The night sky, covered by the clouds
Twilight before the sunrise
The party that turned around, right before the bergschrund
The bergschrund from the right side
Looking up at he Pearly Gates on our way down
View facing South from the summit
View of the Pearl Gates (along the footpath to the right), the bergschrund, and a lone skier going towards the Old Chute



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