Why is the Golden Gate Grinder the best grinder for weed?

I have been a medicinal marijuana smoker for many years due to my chronic back problems. I toiled with different prescriptions for what seemed like an eternity before my doctor suggested I apply for medicinal marijuana. Like anyone who was confronted with this idea for the first time, I was very sceptical and I didn’t want to be labelled a “druggy” for using marijuana. I questioned — “what would my mother think of me if I started using weed?”. So I confronted her straight up and explained that the pain in my back was becoming too hard to bare and it was beginning to affect my movement, and thus my day to day life. But she was fine with it — she wanted to see me happy!

Preparing marijuana for use every day can be quite time consuming and fiddly if you don’t have the right equipment. I actually started out with a cheap plastic grinder from my local convenience store which was a bad idea. Why you may ask? Well, every time you use a plastic weed grinder, little tiny particles of plastic become contaminated within your marijuana and smoking this can be very dangerous. Some experts say it could be carcinogenic.

So I made sure I researched properly to find the best grinder for sale and I came across a product called the “Golden Gate Grinder”. Being from San Fran myself, I thought it would be a brand I could trust. So I went ahead and bought the grinder from Amazon as it was the top rated grinder in this niche. I was very impressed so I thought I’d do a review of the grinder and let you know the features that make it what I think the best herb grinder for sale on Amazon at the moment.

Made of Aircraft Grade Aluminium — This was the main reason I wanted to buy the Golden Gate Grinder as I wanted to replace my plastic grinder with a reliable and safe alternative.

Sharp All Metal Teeth — I was mightily impressed by the way the grinder cut through the weed almost effortlessly each time I turned. I found it took me half the time to use this grinder compared to my plastic grinder. I later found out there were 49 teeth in the grinder — yes — 49!

The Price — I didn’t want to spend close to $70 on an over priced model such as the Space Case and I was advised that the Golden Gate Grinder had better reviews than the Space Case. So this was an easy decision.

Lifetime Warranty — I was amazed by the lifetime warranty on offer. This shows that GGG really care about their customers and have complete confidence in their product. If anyone had any issues, they are able to give you a refund — no questions asked.

So whatever grinder you choose, make sure you check out the Golden Gate Grinder on Amazon first as I think this is the best grinder for marijuana currently for sale.