Simplicity and Successful Product Design Examples

Strawberries — Jeon Sang O.

After reading The Laws of Simplicity, The Toyota Way and many design/business books, the concept of "Simplicity" is always a key player. However I never had an academic or professional project in which I was required to simplify.

Simplicity generates better user experiences (be it eat, travel, use an app or work at a factory) and increases the revenue of companies around the world. Simple solutions have many advantages:

  • Reduce marketing costs, the product/service is easier to understand.
  • Reduce production costs, the product is easier to manufacture/develop.
  • Increase the number of potential customers.
  • Simplicity reduces misunderstanding in communications.

In this post I want to share some products that shine because of this quality, and these are not digital or graphic, neither Dieter Rams products. I think that there's already a lot of information around.

Decathlon Rollnet

Extremely simple and easy to understand, just play ping-pong everywhere.

Senz Umbrella

Senz is an umbrella that resists hurricane level winds. The key here is that it is an umbrella with an incredible and well developed function. It is familiar, but has enough design to differentiate from the rest.

Vanmoof Bicycle

Also called the Tesla of bicycles, Vanmoof sells quite expensive bikes all over the world. How? The simplicity of the design makes the quality more valuable, the consumer perceives it.

Elevation Doc

Just a phone dock better design, more simple to use. It started in kickstarter and now it is a company selling the Elevation Dock 3.

Copic Markers

More expensive than the competence, but much better. Haven't change in many years and still the first option for thousands of designers around the world.