All user experiences we create should be reward enough for the user.

The Context: Training App

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One of the most exciting projects I product managed at Animmersion during 2018 was a training application. Having worked with the client on prior projects, we were presented with a number of problems they were facing and the business goals they had in the field service part of the organisation, particularly in China.

For example, the training materials were not very engaging and the company wanted to encourage new recruits to connect and identify with the organisation.

After a workshop with the company I outlined a simple idea with Andi Liddell, fellow lead on the project. Animmersion have a fantastic team of animators and content producers so we were confident that simply recreating parts of the learning material would be a big step forward in engagement. However, I really believe in the principle of gamification. It was baked into some the earliest designs I had for my own company Graphicly and a big part of my second company Audacious. Employed correctly it can motivate and engage users, and I felt any application we build should contain an actual game. Linked directly to the learning content, with perks and rewards gained through learning. …


Kevin Mann

Manager Interactive Technologies / Innovation Team Lead at Animmersion Ltd :: Founder of Graphicly & Audacious. :: @techstars Alumni

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