• Sean Bohan

    Sean Bohan

    I thrive at connecting the dots between Customers and Technology. Currently focused on: Innovation, Personal Data, Emerging Technologies, User Experience.

  • Shep


    PM by day, design obsessed, love music, cooking & all things art, ask why often, passionate climber, road/mtn biker & skier & MBA grad-CU Leeds; @afterhoursanon

  • Micah Baldwin

    Micah Baldwin

    Executive Coach @highoutput. Angel Investor. Founded or early at 6 startups (4 exits). @amazon @madronaventures alum. Loves dogs, cats & donuts.

  • Mark Goodyear

    Mark Goodyear

    Designer. Front-end developer. Creative Director @bigbitecreative. Creator of @conditionizr.

  • Manuel Mattke

    Manuel Mattke

    Founder @hydrainsight, @hydramixer, co-founder @picpocketbooks, passionate innovator, husband of one, father of three, black tea fan, skier.

  • Josh Fraser

    Josh Fraser

    Co-founder at Origin. Previously founded EventVue, Torbit & Forage. Engineer & rock climber.

  • Tim Wolters

    Tim Wolters

    Founder of Roundpegg and Collective Intellect. Serial entrepreneur, indie music fan, climber, triathlete, and lit lover. Finding my way.

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