Testing Testing 1 2 3

Does this work? I’m just checking if this works and I have tickets to LCD Soundsystem and everyone’s mad because they couldn’t get tickets and I never wanted to compromise or sell out but I wear a necktie so that people will give me their money so that I can buy LCD Soundsystem tickets.

Here’s a link to the setlist of the free Rihanna concert I had tickets to but left before she went on which I am starting to regret a little bit now because ANTI is pretty good I think.

I’m gonna “publish” this and then see if I can delete it after publishing it, which will be good to know for when I inevitably regret having published something. Did you know that pirates wore eye patches to keep one eye adjusted to the dark at all times in case they suddenly had to fight below deck? I think I’ve never been in love but I’m not sure.