Progressive Web Apps and URL bars

I’ve been running Android N on my phone for a few weeks, and I noticed something a while ago — whereas Android M puts every Chrome window in the recent apps list, Android N just has a single Chrome window.

Inside Chrome, it has it’s own recent pages list.

This confused me at first:

After Google I/O, Jeremy got a little upset that being in browser mode no longer got the ‘install on desktop’ prompt. Alex responded that URLs are still a superpower, and they need to make them work in fullscreen and standalone modes too.

Here’s a possible answer: when I scroll down in browser mode on chrome, the url bar is hidden to give more space for the page:

before scrolling down
after scrolling down

How about when launched from the home screen browser, standalone and minimal-ui apps started scrolled down like this, so you have to scroll up for the URL bar? That gives a clear affordance for a URL, but could still give them the home screen icon.

because we all want a smiling Jeremy on our phone