Hater News

Haterz gonna hate. But now you can know who the haterz are. I wanted to use data science / machine learning to identify and rank trolls by their “hater” level throughout the internet. I started with Hacker News ( check out Hater News ) and I wanted to explain the how and what I’ve done so far.

This post is long and detailed but I’ve tried to explain and post my code for how I’ve built out the Machine Learning aspects of this project using Python and Scikit Learn.

My Goal:

Look at any user from hacker news and be able to…

Using anything from #hashtags to selfies in your rails application.

Instagram and You.

The power of social media is fantastic and people are using Instagram to do some pretty amazing things. Companies are making real-time mosaics for events and parties, printing out Instagram photos using instaprint. People are creating iPhone cases with their own pictures. Marketers are building platforms to creatively communicate to their customers. Others are finding ways to take Instagram pictures physical.

Developers are still exploring what can be done, making things like a real-time exploration of places through the eyes of Instagram, battling pictures against each other, making your background your feed, enjoying the cats of Instagram, or even trying…

Thrown into the deep end and loving it.

In an attempt to collect my thoughts, observations, and emotions while they are still fresh, I will break down my first real week at General Assembly and their Web Development Immersive.

My Week In Review

What I Learned:

I am now surprisingly comfortable in the basics of the Ruby programming language, command-line (I love iTerm2 btw), version control using git, GitHub, a few software development theories, and Object Oriented Programming.

How I Feel:

Initially I was overwhelmed and intimidated. I normally learn relatively quickly, but with programing and the pace we are doing things, I can sit down for an hour, try to complete something and not…

Starting the General Assembly experience.

After doing a lot of soul searching, I decided to apply to General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive. I got accepted, dropped everything in my life, and moved to NYC. Although the actual program begins in three days, I have had to do a lot of work already.

Here is what to expect if you’re thinking about doing something similar.

The Interview Process.

It started for me by simply reaching out and asking for more information while I was exploring several different options. …

The powerful business of ideas. 

I have watched it play out time and time again.

Everyone around me, every person I have ever been able to observe or read about, seems to go through this process:

  1. Encounter an idea.
    “money = happiness”
  2. Allow it to become part of them.
    “That makes sense, it has to be true.”
  3. Allow the idea to shape their views.
    “I should find a job that pays the most, rich people are where it’s at.”
  4. Allow this new disposition on life to play out through actions. “I have three job offers and even though I don’t think I’ll have the most fun at the highest…

diving into to general assembly and nyc.

Diving head first into the start up world.

So far my life has been a crazy ride. I’ve played in bands, opened a manufacturing plant, married a German, Invented production equipment, played ultimate frisbee in different states (haha), been an “Exec” (CIO at Service Spring Corp.), given talks about nerdy stuff, built all sorts of interesting systems, traveled all over the world, helped lots of people with various projects, been on the Y-PAC board for the Make A Wish foundation, and have lived in California, Ohio, Germany, and soon, New York. Now that I sound like a self-absorbed douche bag, I want to explain myself. I still don’t…

Kevin McAlear

I love traveling, technology, wisdom, inventing, ultimate frisbee, leadership, wine, philosophy, humor, culture, differences, relationships, & building systems

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