It happens and it can mess up anyone’s ability to stay focused and stay fit. Regardless of everything we do, things happen which are beyond our control. Despite all our good intentions, it happens and we can’t get to the gym or are too busy to even bother spending the time getting there. The problem is it happens more often than we like. The end of our fitness quest? Through in the towel? Maybe we’ll get done tomorrow? I don’t think so, we need “it” to spell fit. It’s time overcome it to get fit.

I have great workouts that will save you from the its of life. Fashioned after armed forces fitness programs, these do-anywhere workouts will help you stay fit — or get fitter — regardless of the situations life has in store for you. Check them out!

All you need for this week’s workouts are access to a pull-up bar and a back pack. If you’re new to fitness and working out, I suggest that you start at 25% of the provided routine and gradually progress from there. If you are in an excellent state of conditioning, you can supplement your existing routine with the workouts provided.

Friday is a rest day and therefore is not presented.

The daily routines are fashioned using the components and principles utilized by the armed forces. Using common-sense, do-it-anywhere techniques these workouts will improve your strength and endurance while giving you a lean, toned look using balanced and challenging workouts.

New to military-style training? No worries, these easy to understand workouts will introduce you to to new and old-school exercises that have developed better bodies and enhanced the overall fitness of millions!


Sunday was an “active rest day” with the primary goal of maintaining flexibility. Active recovery increases blood flow to tired muscles. Active rest days include a warm-up, light physical activities and stretching.

Workout Table with Exercises, Sets & Repetitions


This workout included a calisthenics session followed by a 3-mile run. The calisthenics exercises touched on working the entire body and emphasized core stability. The 3-mile run was designed to improve cardiovascular endurance.

Workout Table with Exercises, Sets & Repetitions


A relatively quick workout designed to enhance core stability, muscular strength and stamina. Sets of crunches were included to improve abdominal strength while planks were designed to upgrade core stability. Pull-ups were featured to remedy any upper body strength shortfalls.

Prior to the cool-down, an intense 5 minute circuit was included to develop total-body muscular endurance and stamina. The goal was to complete as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) of crunches, squat thrusts, push-ups and dorsal raises completing 5 reps of each exercise then immediately moving on to the next.

Workout Table with Exercises, Sets & Repetitions


This daily training session included a conditioning hike as a cardiovascular endurance activity. Twenty minutes per mile is a good pace to maintain during conditioning hikes.

Foot care is especially important on hiking days. Ensure that the footwear you use is broken in and that your toenails are clipped. Bring water, foot powder and an extra pair of socks on the hike. To avoid blisters, change socks and powder your feet halfway through the hike.

Workout Table with Exercises, Sets & Repetitions


The intent of this training session was to increase; abdominal strength, upper body strength, and stamina using a variety of exercises.

The workout’s stamina development portion included 6 rounds of 400 meter runs followed immediately by 5 burpees. Work-to rest interval for this portion of the workout should be 1:1. If it takes 2 minutes to complete the run and burpees, rest 2 minutes then repeat.

Workout Table with Exercises, Sets & Repetitions


Speed was the fitness component of the day with the workout’s featured exercise being acceleration-quickness-speed enhancing wind sprints.

A sprint-specific warm-up was conducted prior to the wind sprints. This specific warm-up is an essential portion of the workout designed to enhance performance (speed) and reduce the risk of injury while executing the explosive wind sprints. To maintain maximum speed throughout the sprints, rest 60-to-90 seconds between sets.

Workout Table with Exercises, Sets & Repetitions

Keep checking back as I have, and will continue, writing these military-style workout routines. Weekly, I’ll give you more advice and workouts that you can do nearly anywhere. In the meantime, visit my profile page http://hubpages.com/@kevinmcclernon where you can find all of my published fitness articles.

Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment with concerns, feedback or questions.

Until next time…be healthy and get fit…

Semper Fidelis

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