FLAB-TO-FIT: Week 1 Transformation Workouts

Time to get up & go!

Its time to stop “thinking about” and start doing.

Doing, taking action, is the only way to get anything done. This is especially true when talking about changing your body composition and getting fit. There is absolutely no other way you can strip excess body fat and build muscle without exercise.

Don’t ignore it or push it off any longer. Working out regularly coupled with healthy eating habits are the keys to transformation the old you to the new, fabulous you.

Week 1 Exercise Plan

There will be only three days of training this week. Sunday through Wednesday are off days. If you have been actively training, consider these rest and recovery days.

Use the off days to prepare for the upcoming program. Arrange your schedule to make time for the workouts. Get your workout gear ready. Review the plan overview, Flab-to-Fit: The Total Body Transformation Program at https://caloriebee.com/workout-routines/Flab-To-Fit-The-Total-Body-Transformation-Plan and be ready to go to work come Thursday.

Table: Weekly Exercise Plan


All exercise sessions will begin with a warm-up period. The warm-up allows your body to gradually prepare for vigorous exercise by increasing the blood flow to muscles. The increased blood flow, raise in the body’s core, and joint movement help increase flexibility and reduce the risk of injury.

Pull-ups (and/or chin-ups) are the primary strength development exercises used in this program. Yes, they can be very difficult. The objective is to be able to do “dead-hang” pull-ups. If you can not complete one at first, don’t worry and don’t give up. You will get stronger just handing from the bar. Attempt to to the prescribed number of repetitions. You can use your body’s momentum during the jump up to help or swing to get momentum for assistance.

Crunches will be the principal abdominal exercise used throughout the program. Like with pull-ups, attempts and partial crunches are better than no crunches at all. Remember, practice makes perfect.

The main cardio-vascular endurance activity in the Flab-to-Fit exercise plan will be jogging. Do be concerned if you can not jog the entire distance. All jogging sessions can be jog-walk sessions for the prescribed distance. Like anything else, your system needs to develop in order to master the activity. Do what you can and you will continually improve.

Cool-down periods will conclude each training session. The cool-down allows the body to gradually return to a resting state. The cool-down will include light activities and stretching.

Daily Workout Plan: Exercises- Sets-Repetitions


This workout will include two separate circuits. The first circuit is designed to work the entire body. The second circuit emphasizes core development with various abdominal exercises. Abdominal crunches and a jog will complete the workout.

Circuits are conducted without rest between exercises. A group of exercises is one round. Rest for 60 seconds between each round.

The first circuit includes 3 rounds of 1 pull-up followed by 6 crunches and a burpee. The second circuit includes 5 rounds of front planks of 10 seconds each, side planks with 5 seconds per side, 1 sit-up and 1 flutter kick.

Two sets of 15 crunches and a 800m jog will follow the circuits.

Daily Workout Plan: Exercises- Sets-Repetitions


The goal of the Flab-to-Fit weight training program is to develop muscular endurance.

Muscular endurance is the ability of muscles to perform repeated movements for a sustained period of time. The focus is on quantity of work performed as as such should be done with very manageable loads, or weight. I recommend that when starting out, use just the bar. Weight can be added as you go along. Also, as the program goes along the aim will be to add sets and repetitions, not necessarily weight.

Compound exercises will be performed during weight training sessions. Compound movements use multiple joints and multiple muscles to work the entire body. This adds efficiency to the workouts and creates the greatest changes in body composition — — the goal of the program.

A walk is included in the warm-up and cool-down. During the walk; do arm circles, neck rolls and horizontal arm swings to increase upper body flexibility and mobility.

Daily Workout Plan: Exercises- Sets-Repetitions

Move forward

Arrange your schedule, revamp your habits and move forward. Regardless of where you start and where you want to go, remember…a voyage of a 1,000 miles starts with one step. Take the first step that will help you loss excess body fat, get and stay fit as well as feel happier for life.

Keep checking back as I will continue writing a weekly Flab-to-Fit exercise plan and give you more advice and workouts that you can do nearly anywhere. In the meantime, visit my profile page http://hubpages.com/@kevinmcclernon where you can find all of my published fitness and sports conditioning articles.

Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment with concerns, feedback or questions.

Until next time…be healthy and get fit!

Semper Fidelis

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