Dear Portland,

I know that right now is a rough time for us as Americans regardless of your political affiliation and no matter whom you voted for. We are hurt, angry, disparaged and feel left out.

No matter what differences we have in each other’s beliefs, race, creed, religion or even selection of whom we voted for; bottom line, we all are Americans and we are all inhabitants of this great city known as Portland Oregon.
 I love this city, and I have no doubt in my mind that you do too; but no matter the reason or cause that brings you to the streets (to protest), regardless of agreement by the majority and the masses. What matters is that you have every right to be here to make your voice heard as loud as it can be and that is directly made clear by our great US Constitution.
But let us not forget our fellow citizens who are doing their best to make a living as well. Let us not forget the people within our great community. Preventing someone from getting to or from work by blocking any mode of public transportation will not further your cause but only set it back further. Damaging small businesses doesn’t make your voice any louder; it only discourages others from listening.

I fully encourage everyone to continue to protest and make their voice heard in many (and the loudest) capacities possible, whether it be protesting, social media or friendly and joyous debates. But never in the means or capacity where our fellow Portlanders nor any of our brave men and women serving our police force can be at risk, hindered, or be put in harms way.

We must insure that at the end of our protest, small business can open the next day and not have to deal with damage. We must also keep in mind the way turbulent protesting affects our average citizens mindset, sometimes to the point where commuters don’t feel safe going to and from work.
Protest, and make your voice heard, loud and clear, but in a peaceful manner while cooperating with the instructions of our local police.

Thank you and God bless America.

Kevin McCloskey