Kevin McCord, NYC, Offers Tips for Staying Present During Stressful Times

One of the most popular buzzwords of late is “staying present.” You’ve probably heard it, but have you thought about the importance of being present while in the workplace? Staying present during stressful times at work is a skill the modern day worker must hone. The following are tips for keeping your mind present in the midst of a stressful work atmosphere.

Build in Regular Breaks

As tempting as it may be to bury your head in your work and not leave your desk until you’re finished, this is not the best strategy to maintain presence. Instead, build regular breaks into your work schedule. During these breaks, do whatever you need to do to reinvigorate yourself. For some people, taking a walk is a great way to get some fresh air and get out of the office. For others, reading a couple of pages of their most recent novel is the best way to escape work for a couple of minutes. Whatever it is that provides relaxation to you, do it and do it frequently. Schedule a daily walk with a coworker or a weekly coffee break you can look forward to. By taking regular breaks from your work, you’re much more likely to be present when you return!

Prioritize Your Day

One of the most helpful tips for staying present during stressful times is a preemptive tip. You should prioritize your day ahead of time. That way, when the stress does start to pour in, you will have a solid footing. You know what you need to get done by the end of the day and what can’t wait until the next day. By creating a schedule for the day and prioritizing tasks, you will be much more able to maintain a sense of presence throughout the chaos. As much as you plan out a day, you can never anticipate every problem that will arise. With a plan in place ahead of time, you are much more able to stay present when confronted with stress.

Stay tuned for part two of this series, where I offer more tips for maintaining presence in the midst of chaos in the workplace. The better you can get at this skill, the more peace and joy you’ll experience in your everyday work.