Who is Kevin McCord of New York City?

Kevin McCord is the Director of Internal Audit for GE Capital’s portfolio of insurance companies. A dedicated internal audit P&C and Life insurance professional with 16 years of experience, Kevin has built his career on competence and merit.

Where did Kevin have his beginnings? Kevin earned his Bachelor’s Degree in 1994 and taught middle and high school for two years immediately upon graduation. This extremely unique experience ended up being a formative influence on his life; as a teacher at a small rural school that lacked money and resources, Kevin needed to learn to make do with what he had. Later, while doing international volunteer work in Belize and Costa Rica, he similarly learned to roll with the punches and find his own solutions, but to a different extreme.

When asked about his leadership style, Kevin McCord says this: “I like to get straight to the point with people for maximum efficiency. While I care about people I work for, with, and whom work for me, we can conduct our small talk after the meeting and after the matter at hand is taken care of. I prefer to let people work independently and let them determine the best way for them to achieve the stated objectives in order to meet my set deadlines. I have learned over the years that people respond best to managers when they are granted authority over their work which allows them to take ownership of that work. As long as they get me what I need when I want it, I am happy. With respect to teams, we must respect all members of a team. I prefer individuals from many different backgrounds who can provided a unique perspective and valuable input. I also do not play politics and put meritocracy and ability at the top of my list of qualities I admire in colleagues, people who work for me, and leaders I report to.”

One of Kevin McCord’s greatest interests is golf. When asked why he loves the sport so much, he said “ I cannot remember ever NOT having a golf club. My grandfather was a big golfer and my dad still is one. I used to use a cut-off sandwedge to dig holes in the yard and try to get snakes and other animals. In about fifth grade, I realized that I could hit a golf ball pretty well when I was in the backyard with a buddy, hit one well that went into the neighbor’s yard and broke a window. That was the best and most pure shot I had ever hit. When I didn’t have quite the power or size to make it in baseball, I decided that golf was the way to go.”

Recently, Kevin has begun blogging about his passions. These passions span a wide range, but include golfing, music, theater and hiking. You can read about his latest adventures on his blog KevinMcCord.org, KevinMcCord.info and KevinMcCord.com.