Dear White People, Boycotting Netflix Won’t Make You Any Whiter Than You Already Are
Ezinne Ukoha

I’m not going to stop pointing out some demographic facts about Trump’s victory for a few important reasons:
1) The false narrative of Angry/Racist White People voting in Trump that harmed progressives has not died yet, and if it doesn’t die, we’ll see another Trump victory in 4 years because
2) This false narrative is one that racist white people who voted for Trump will use as a rallying cry. It serves only one group here, and it’s not anyone who opposes Trump, and
3) Identity politics serves people of color especially poorly, perhaps unironically because white people are still a majority. Want to divide by race to benefit minorities? Give it a few generations maybe to tip the scales in your favor. Or, you know, don’t try to divide people?

But here are some facts that should blow away the false narrative, but won’t:

From exit polls we know that Trump got 1% more of the white vote (proportionally) than Romney. But 1% did not tip the election. What did?

We know that MORE latinos and blacks voted for Trump than voted for Romney. And these latino and black voter blocs were not insignificant:
We also know that a slew of majority white districts that went for Obama twice voted for Trump:

So are these districts racist? We can say, “yes and they probably boycott netflix” and be done with it. Or we can have a more nuanced and constructive discussion weighed on merits instead of divisive racial score-keeping.

So yeah I’m a white, straight man so deduct points as necessary.

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