Afternoon, I’m depression with a touch of anxiety, and you are?
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Almost everything you read about depression says, consult with your doctor. And this is how things go. At least you were given a questionnaire. That’s some heavy diagnostics.

How long was the consultation 5min, 10 if you include the writing of a prescription? Just a guess.

Another odd thing about the whole thing is the medications. Having being proscribed drugs myself I did a little reading.

So apparently the “scientists” don’t actually understand how these drugs might work. But they have done extensive tests involving a few thousand people. Some of those receiving a placebo, some a different drug. And there did seem to be some improvements with the patients mood, calculated as a percentage that is.

So great, now several millions of people can receive these drugs, after rigorous investigation by the medical professionals. And everything will be just fine. Especially if you happen to own a drug company.

I also remember reading how a significant number of patients had a higher risk of suicide whilst taking the medications (that nobody is quite sure how they affect people), and that careful monitoring was necessary. And I’m sure that goes on with every one of the several millions that are prescribed these drugs on a daily basis. After serious investigations by the medical practitioners that is. (A questionnaire isn’t something to be laughed at) 100% sure that’s exactly what happens.

My own experience was… walked into doctors office, said I suspected I may be depressed, walked out two minutes later with a prescription for two years supply of drugs. No follow up, no suggestions for counselling or change in habits, nothing.

Thanks Doc

Oh, I’m not a writer, as you can see. But something about your post moved me to respond. Or maybe just the drugs….