Using Day One to Make 2016 Awesome

One of my goals for 2016 is to be more grateful for all of the wonderful things in my life, and I’m going to use the terrific app Day One on both my Mac and iOS devices as a sort of gratitude journal. I’m going to try to take pictures of things that make me happy, and open the app throughout the day to jot down notes or thoughts. The app’s on my home screen and I’ve set it to nudge me throughout the day to remind me to write a quick entry.

One of the coolest features of Day One is that you can publish your entries to a private site that is un-searchable and not linked anywhere else. As they describe it: “By default, Published entries are hidden from search engines and visible only to you and people with whom you share Publish URLs.”

Here’s an example of a post that I shared last year, when I was playing around with the app and taking a picture of my dinner.

I just wrote a fairly long post in Day One that detailed my fitness and health-related goals for 2016. I don’t want to share it widely with the world, but I thought it would be helpful to have it published somewhere. So it’s on Day One.

PS — My use of Day One is inspired by Shawn Blanc, specifically this advice:

At the end of the day, it’s quantity that creates quality when it comes to a journal. The more you toss into your Day One, the more valuable it becomes and the more powerful the overall montage you’re creating is.