Big AR: The Current State of Augmented Reality

Source: BGR

Augmented Reality (AR) has been a hot topic in recent years, but it has been a concept in science fiction for decades. Looking back from its use as an industry buzzword these past years, we have seen a gradual development in the realm of AR, slowly leading up to the latest events of Google’s Tango platform, and Apple’s more recent AR Kit development platform.

Big AR is a series of blog posts that look to uncover the current state of AR and use current and forecasted trends to get a glimpse of where our AR future may head.

Mark Zuckerberg identified the future of AR in this year’s Facebook F8 conference by positioning Facebook’s end goal for glasses AR. He describes it as the final consumer product after multiple iterations of AR platforms, one of which is the current platform, AR on the mobile phone.

The main bump in the road to move toward glasses AR is the adjustment needed within the mainstream idea of luxury and privacy. Although some companies are currently working on glasses technology, past efforts expressed by Google (with Google Glass) shows the idea still seems far too sketchy to be implemented fully throughout society.

There are positives and negatives to a future of diminishing privacy, but with constant overexposure to news, social, and more on our smart phones, as well as consumer data tracking being implemented all over the internet, it’s a trend that is slowly, but surely, going to in the forefront of our minds.

It may seem inevitable, but it’s going to be a hot topic in our AR future, as the public battles with the notion of cameras tracking our lives ad infinitum. How we can work toward glasses AR whilst ensuring positive benefits, and less privacy nausea? That’s something to consider in our next Big AR, where we’ll discuss the AR future.