I heard something disturbing during the #GRAMMYs commentary…

I appreciate the article you’ve written, as I am always fond of reading commentary from people of color who are able to wield the English language like the weapon that it can be. Your article reminds me of a few things that I’ve witnessed in my now 26 years in the business of music: In the music business, fair is something that you perform at when your last two albums tank…album sales are typically more important to modern artists than awards (because platinum sales don’t happen nearly as often as they used to)…and Public Enemy, those great orators of the past said very clearly “Who gives a fcuk about a g-damned Grammy?” Beyonce really doesn’t, shouldn’t…and typically hasn’t. The ‘Susan Lucci of pop’ title is hers, but at a certain level of the game, the awards are mere trinkets and the shows are just another performance to do for cash and a whole bunch of swag from the gift table. Those who care about artistry, singer/songwriters, entertainers thinking outside the box and purity of creation seem to not follow the mainstream of pop music. One could make the argument that Adele needs the validation of the Academy more than Beyonce’ does-because Bey is an industry veteran and Adele is the music industry’s manufactured attempt to make a white version of Aretha Franklin. The truth is, the WHY is because one is part of the machine, and the other just thrives in the industry ‘moving through the room full of vultures’ like her husband said many years ago during his career as a rapper. The Grammy award has never been about fairness-Consider that Steely Dan had to wait until they made “Two against nature” to win an award, more than 20 years after they made the seminal album “Aja” which has songs that have spent many years in heavy rotation in the adult contemporary and rock radio playlists. Race is always a factor, I agree…but in the long run, Beyonce or her growing family will not miss a meal or lose an hour of sleep over this, and I guarantee she’ll still be one of the greatest performers to see live….Cheers and God bless!

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