The Secret to Mastering Your Time is to Systematically Focus on Importance And Suppress Urgency
Thomas Oppong

This quote is profound… “Most worthwhile achievements are the result of many little things done in a single direction.” — Nido Qubein

Thomas, you continue to inspire may to becoming productive, thank you!

I learned something from “The Habit Blueprint” where it shared Jerry Sienfeld’s secret to success… While you can have the long view of Malcolm Gladwell on 10,000 hours to acheive expert status, true innovation comes from focusing on the most important thing you can do TODAY, and then tommorow just go for one-more-day-in-a-row! Jerry Sienfeld has a simple calender and strikes an “X” on the day where he wrote jokes, the goal was to create a calendar that looked like a chain! …and the other lesson was your chain WILL break… when it does, just focus on one-day-in-a-row!