Just a Random post about Life

As we adults begin to settle, the dreams and passions we had cease to exist and become replaced by bills and obligations. The bright inner-light begins to dim, and the desire to remain hungry for adventure and self-exploration becomes viewed as selfish, irresponsible, and indulgent. The clapping and the cheering become replaced by judgmental stares, quiet whispers and pointed fingers. Wanting you to succeed and grab life by the horns transfers into fear staring back at you by the on-lookers, the naysayers, the critics waiting for you to fall down, and hoping you might make the choice to stay down and want less for yourself, for it is ‘safer’ down there.

It is in that space that you are conditionally loved and accepted. A space where everyone gets to fit in, look the same, behave the same, think the same, choose the same. Everyone is your ‘friend’ if you allow yourself to have at least one foot firmly entrenched in the abyss of sameness and familiarity. And be prepared, if you choose to decline this group’s membership invitation; be ready to bravely walk alone! Be prepared to encounter the vultures, the incremental conditions, the sharp jagged rocks, the physical pain, emotional anguish of expended energies you must endure to navigate yourself forward on this quest.

The path you are on will twist and bend; the road is never a straightforward one. There is no tangible map, compass or survival kit. The required tools for your lonely journey are embedded within you — they are called intuition, mindset and inner-strength. Everything you need is inside of you — not behind you not outside of you — INSIDE OF YOU!

How badly you want what you want. How hungry you are for it .How committed to the process you are. Who is holding the pen in your life? Whose story are you living? Whose voice are you listening to?

The higher the climb, the lonelier the journey, no two ways about that, however, your future self will thank you and they both already reside within you. Make friends; best friends with these two versions of you, while re-claiming your love and respect for self as you climb that summit.