Luckily, we are pushing code more frequently than we are blogging. Here is an overview of what we have been busy with in the past few months, and what’s coming up in 2020.

First of all, stay safe people.

In these dark times surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic the whole Passbolt team is wishing you to be safe and well, take care of yourself and your loved ones. Our thoughts are with our community members on the front line and all those impacted during this unprecedented time, feel free to reach out if you think we can help in any way.

Since about a month we are…

Having some issues when installing passbolt? You can always request some help on the support forum!

Update: passbolt v2 is out. This article was for the v1 and is now obsolete. Check out the online documentation for v2 guidelines and tutorials.

You tried installing passbolt on CentOS but things didn’t go as planned ? You are struggling with some parts ? Or you simply want to learn how to have a running instance of passbolt ? Then this step by step tutorial is for you. It covers the installation of passbolt on a freshly installed CentOS 7 environment.

You can get CentOS 7 by downloading it from the official mirrors, by running the corresponding AMI for AWS, or by pulling the CentOS docker container.


As you may have figured by now, Planet 4 will be built on Wordpress. This platform choice led us to explore technical options to figure out how to push Wordpress to its full potential and empower people to act.

One of the most pressing questions was about choosing between a series of individual Wordpress instances or a single one with multiple sites attached to it. In other words, should we opt for a common Wordpress baseline that each Greenpeace office could customize as per their needs or implement a system that would centralize the multiple sites of the organization?

World map global network design by @Freepick


During the discovery phase, we pointed out that before being used in Planet 4, the Wordpress plugins we will select will have to first go through an in-depth review process. Such process has now been defined, and will cover four essential areas: relevance in the context of Planet 4, functional scope definition, technical review, and security audit.
Here’s why and how this will happen:

Why review plugins ?

Planet 4 will be built on Wordpress, with a set of community plugins that may be customized or extended to match our various requirements. These plugins will have to match minimum standards: deliver good performances, be…

In the past few weeks we, a great mix of 30+ people of Greenpeace volunteers, staff and I have been exploring the technical possibilities for Planet 4 as part of the Discovery phase.

The Technical Investigation is now complete. We had tons of inputs and here’s a glance at what we have learnt.

Designed by Kreativkolors / Freepik

Technical discovery scope

The technical discovery did not have the objective to solve any technical problem, nor to answer any question. Actually, our aim was exactly the opposite: raise a maximum of questions, create debates and invite people to suggest options and solutions.

We only had a certitude: WordPress, selected at an early stage for a series of reasons, the most important probably being the size of its community. There are many nice open source CMS on the market and we could talk…

Kevin Muller

Serial entrepreneur / co-founder of passbolt / open human / Goa <-> Luxembourg

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