Who Are You? Self-Discovery and Forming your Real Identity

And adulting is tough, isn’t it?

“A crowd of people, with one person taking a picture of the sky with their phone.” by sam bloom on Unsplash

In my own life I’ve experienced this repeatedly. When I was a bit younger and boisterous it wasn’t uncommon to hear that I was “loud and obnoxious” on the training floor. These claims were often followed with “arrogant but smart” and “funny but desperate for attention”.

And they weren’t wrong.

As an only child who fought my tail off to leave a small country town to graduate the University of Maryland and become a personal trainer in Washington D.C. I was desperate for attention and accommodation. Looking back, I truly was everything that they said I was.

Now though, I’ve quieted my mouth a bit and talk much less about myself and my dealings. I’ve become a Master Instructor and mentor for the brand, which has led me to guiding the careers of other trainers both on and off the clock. I genuinely check in with the ones I care about because I genuinely care about them as people.

And so I frequently hear that “I’m a leader, mentor, and friend” to my fellow trainers. Because I’m not shouting from the roof tops about my education I also hear about my intelligence, training acumen, and coaching ability. Hell, people actually think I’m funnier now because I don’t try so hard to make people laugh.

  • If no one reaches out to you on a Friday night about going out and grabbing a drink, and your calendar is bare of birthday parties, weddings, and social events, then maybe you aren’t the type of person that people want to be around.
  • If no one ever confides in you or shares their dreams and visions with you, then maybe you aren’t emotionally available. If you are never in the know of a secret, then maybe you can’t be trusted.
  • If your social life is booming and everyone wants to be your friend, then it may seem like everything in your life is right. But it is also possible that people may want access to your network, your net worth, or your time.
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You’ve spent much of your life doing things in an effort to undo pains you’ve felt and recreate the successes. And that the people around you see the product of those efforts; for better or for worse.




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Kevin Mullins

Kevin Mullins

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