Kevin’s Diary 2016Dec07

Today I start to tell stories and write diaries on Medium. It seems a little bit desperate for me that the deadline is so close and I still procrastinate to get anything done. It is almost 15:00 o’clock today. I will spend the following 3 hours on editing my BIBM slides (awarded the Best Student Paper this year) and another 3 hours on extending the proposals. These tasks will help review my previous work but gain no personal knowledge or skills to myself.

A habit of writing should be acquired from this day on. Hope this could clear my mind, schedule the plans and review progress in a better way.

One month later, I may apply to visit Israel.

For the past several days, I am addicted again to the story “The Miracle, a dozen of years belonging to us”. When and where and with who should this young man investigate his love to? I prefer to have fabulous memories instead of regretful ones when the time turns later.

BTW, the user experience is so damn good here.

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