Power and urgency must be considered and attended to if projects and networks are to serve the legal and moral interests of legitimate stakeholders

Project objectives have been unclear and obfuscated

Decentralization is not a goal, it’s merely a tool

Part II: Learning from the Internet’s early phases and looking to future developments in blockchain Standards, Applications, and Governance

  • The internet of the 90’s and 2000’s left us with an incredible blueprint of milestones and elements that contributed to the rate of adoption
  • Having our community understand it can provide a common language when engaging internet savvy incumbent stakeholders
  • The comparison provides a framework, or simply, general guide to what’s missing and what’s to come for this incredible technology

“No matter what the context, there’s a strong possibility that blockchain will affect your business. The very big question is when” — HBR, The Truth About Blockchain

“Every informed person needs to know about the Blockchain because it might be one of the world’s most important developments”— Leon Luow

Some Background — Why Do We Even Need It?

Kevin Nielsen

building Boardroom

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