You Just Need To Be Consistent

Kevin Nokia
4 min readNov 1, 2023


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This title came out when I was lying over on my bed.

I don’t know what to do; I procrastinate a lot and do nothing for my writing. So, I decided to just do nothing. I stop scrolling on social media and start thinking about what I can do to improve my writing.

Then I keep on searching for something that I could improve in my writing.

I thought that my writing session wasn’t effectively done. I thought that I needed to plan more about my writing. I wrote for two days straight before, and then stopped. After I stopped, I evaluated and tried to plan another new writing session. It all happens many times.

Do you ever experience that?

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The problem

If you keep doing that, you might actually procrastinate on what you have to do.

You are trying to do something productive while you are actually procrastinating about what you should face. You don’t even realize that you are procrastinating because you do something that you think will help you take action.

You are not taking any action. You just keep visualizing and planning.

Remember that without execution, a dream goal is just a dream.

Then you will start to get confused about why you don’t achieve your goals or take any action. You feel like you are not capable of writing, or maybe you should practice your own skills.

Which is a problem and a challenge.

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Consistency is key

You plan once, then take action every day.

To be great at writing, you need to write every day.

To be great at playing music, you need to play music every day.

To be great at speaking, you need to practice speaking every day.

There’s no perfect plan. There’s no perfect inspiration or motivation. It’s only action. You will learn more and know what to do after you take action.

Not from planning too much, because consistency is the key.

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It’s nothing wrong with your practice; you just need to be consistent.

Consistency is very powerful.

Discipline is needed to keep the consistency going. You don’t know what happens next after you write your article. You don’t know what happens next after you start your own business.

You don’t know what you will expect after you take certain actions.

So, start doing it and be consistent about it. You don’t need to find “the best routine” or “the best writing method”. You just need to keep writing, and then while you write, you can start searching for methods that might help you keep writing and improve your writing.

Remember that you will be great at something if you are consistent with it.

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Take action every day!

Every day is a new day.

You get 24 hours of time. You keep resetting those amounts of time every day. You don’t want to waste that, right?

So start taking action today.

If you have planned to take action with your business for two hours every day, then do it. There’s nothing wrong with that. You just need to keep doing it.

Evaluate after the week ends. Not evaluate before you take action on your business.

Don’t be distracted by the perfect plan or the perfect career.

You are doing fine.

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A lot of people are confused about how to practice in the most effective way.

How to study the best method, etc. The key is not in the method or planning. The key is to do it and be consistent with it.

You will get the answer soon if you keep being consistent.

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.”

– Dwayne Johnson.

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