Snapchat Stories Now Searchable, Instagram Story Ads Open for all Businesses, and More We Learned in Social Media This Week

Facebook Stories are finally here, Snapchat makes their Stories searchable, Instagram opened Story ads to all businesses, and Twitter made some long awaited changes! It is a very Stories-centric episode today, so grab your coffee or tea and get ready for some social media insights on this edition of Morning Coffee Social.

Facebook Stories Officially Launch

After testing out the feature in several countries over the past few months, Facebook has officially brought Stories to their app, complete with all the filters, lenses, and add-ons you want. Three questions I’d like to know the answers for:

  • Will this feature stick?
  • What numbers will Facebook share on usage?
  • How soon before Stories is available for brands?

Snapchat Stories Now Searchable

In an effort to evolve the Stories functionality, Snapchat announced and introduced search capabilities across their offering. The news means that users will now have the ability to search keywords and get served up Stories accordingly. While the localized roll out will take some time, users and brands should start identifying keywords that their target audience might be searching for and develop plans to ensure their content will be featured prominently in the organized stories.

April Foolstagram: I can’t end this section without giving Snapchat credit for their terrific April Fools Prank — a special filter that cloned the look and feel of Instagram. Not only that, as a jab at Instagram’s user base, they attributed one of the ‘Likes’ on the picture to your mom, thus positioning Snapchat as the platform for the young, hip generation. Well done.

Instagram Opens Story Ads to All Businesses

It’s not a real week without a new Instagram announcement, it seems. Instagram has opened up Story ads to all businesses, allowing them to create ads (in vertical video format, of course) for the 150M active users of the feature. With Instagram having access to Facebook’s data, businesses who use Story ads can hypertarget their audience and get the most bang for their buck.

@Mentions No Longer Count

A year after floating the idea, Twitter has finally stopped counting @replies/mentions towards the 140-character limit! This change brings so much more room for activities and begs the question: what are you going to do with the extra space?

Goodbye Twitter Egg

And finally, Twitter has said goodbye to the flag of the troll — the profile egg. In it’s stead, the social networking platform has opted to go with a more bland, human looking profile picture devoid of any discernible gender or race. Will this design change lead to less harassment? Probably not, but here’s hoping it will.

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