I’ve followed and supported Acumen since 2009, and as a green-energy manager and economist, I…
Kevin Parcell

Community-scale energy is a catch-22, chicken and egg, there’s little demand without supply, and no profit without demand. So Reconomy’s alt econ model for undeveloped and emerging markets is community as social enterprise, focusing on meeting existing demand for essential commodities, such as water and/or sanitation*, and building energy access** into marketplace centers providing such goods and services, beginning as hybrid micro-grid and expanding, all with same alt econ strategy that can build to sustainable prosperity at community scale and leave no one behind. In contrast, providing solar-powered devices answers existing demand so providers can grow into regional/national/global businesses, but does not necessarily build community empowerment to develop and steward local human and natural resources. Scalable sustainable community prosperity is a global solution.

I’m focused now on gamifying this approach for players whom build art/cultural festival marketplace centers as community core, incorporating paying forward through network of mutual support. All are welcome.

*e.g. import water to sell at discount in exchange for community scrip, creating demand for community scrip, which then can be spent employing locals to develop and manage sustainable supply of water, etc.

**e.g. sell energy for scrip to local businesses that build near wells.

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