Changing the Narrative
Jacqueline Novogratz

This is another great story of the change accomplished with bold leadership and the help of Acumen. A slight twist to this approach would be for community-development organizations to accept both national currency and community currency for the service. In this way, they create a demand for the local money that permits its use paying for local labor and supplies. And the local money stays in the community, unlike national currencies that leave poor communities more easily than they flow back in. Consequently, development of the service may accelerate. Moreover, the demand for the local currency could allow the development group to print additional local money to fund other projects, such as building schools, hiring teachers, digging wells, and much more. To supercharge the growth, a vital service such as sanitary stations could be discounted when paid with the community money, which increases demand for that currency and demand for the service, creating a virtuous cycle that may truly end local poverty.