Precons are happening now, and main registration starts later today. Today we kick off the 7th year of THAT Conference. Every year, today’s the most hectic day for the organizers, but I wanted to take a minute to welcome all of our returning campers and new campers, our wonderful sponsors, our amazing speakers, and the entire cadre of Geeklings and Campmates to THAT Conference 2018!

Thank you all so much for being part of THAT community. We are humbled by the outpouring of support, technical knowledge, and energy at the event every year, and are grateful for the enthusiasm that drives our community year-round through Ask THAT, through the socials, and this publication. …

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If there’s one thing this column is about, it’s about communication. I admit it, I’m all about communication. Positive communication, efficient communication, broad communication, effective communication. Today, let’s talk about a non-verbal style of communication that’s extremely effective at getting an organization, literally, on the same page.

Many CEOs evangelize reading as a key contributor to their success. …

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In my various roles as architect/team-lead over the years, hiring has been a constant topic of interest. I’ve been involved in candidate selection, the interview and assessment process, the final decision-making, and even defining the criteria for hiring.

One thing I know for certain, hiring technologists is often really, really hard. I don’t know if all fields have this same problem, so I’ll speak only for my limited experience with technology hiring.

You’d think hiring would be a lot easier by now. The web has been around a couple decades now. So many sites on the web are devoted to listing jobs and listing candidates. Technologists are not limited to Monster.com and Careerbuilder.com. Many sites out there post job listings, and there are places where technologists can write up who they are so they can be seen by employers. …



Ph. D. Physicist, Software Architect/Archaeologist, Team Leader, Motivator, Educator, Communitizer, Gamer, Reader http://about.me/kevin_davis #ThatConference

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