5 Life Lessons I Learned From Yes Theory

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Yes Theory is a Youtube Channel started by 4 guys: Ammar Kandil, Derin Emre, Thomas Brag, and Matt Dajer. They want to spread a message of positivity and “bucket list” concepts to everyone in the world.

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They started in 2015 and now they have made over 300 videos on Youtube and gained over 5 million subscribers and counting.

Now I’m not gonna tell their whole story. You can watch their videos and read about them if you want to know more about them.

What I do want to share with you today is how they taught me how to live my life. As in truly live, not just surviving and not just going through the motions.

I want to share 5 Life Lessons That I Learned from them and I hope that these lessons from them can teach you how to live life too.

  1. Go Out of Your Comfort Zone
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The most famous line or slogan that Yes Theory has is these two words: “Seek Discomfort.” It basically means you have to go out of your comfort zone to unleash your potential and get to live the life that you want.

They don’t just preach it, they also live it. From their craziest stunts that include:

  • Hiking in the freezing snow only in their underwear
  • Sneaking through the security to get into big time events for free
  • Exploring abandoned and scary places
  • Traveling alone
  • Bungee Jumping

And much, much more. They also said that you don’t have to go do these extreme activities to seek discomfort. It can be as simple as talking to a stranger and sharing your stories, trying something new, being completely vulnerable with someone.

Whatever uncomfortable task you can think of, you have to do them. Overcome your fears and grow out of your comfort zone.

2. Keep Moving On After Every Rejection

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Another common thing that the boys in Yes Theory do is that they ask strangers to go with them and usually go on a crazy adventure together.

For most people, this may seem really weird, creepy, and inappropriate, but Yes Theory believes in this quote: “A Stranger is Just A Friend You Haven’t Met Yet” by Will Rogers.

It’s true that all of our friends that we met in our lives are strangers at first. What also amazed me about this is how they keep going.

There are so many people that keep saying no to them, but they didn’t stop until someone says yes to their adventure or request.

This amazed me, I’ve learned about this in other self-help books, but these boys confirmed the power of not being afraid of rejection. It made me lose my fear of getting rejected at anything, be it in my career, dating or love life, relationships, etc.

Remember that everybody goes through some sort of rejection at some point in their lives. You will experience a lot more people saying no to you rather than people saying yes to you.

But if you keep asking for what you want, you will eventually get that yes you’ve been wanting.

3. You Need To Have A Supportive Community

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Yes Theory also preaches the importance of a supportive community. They made a Facebook group titled “Yes Theory Fam” which has now over 100,000+ members.

Not only that but the members in so many countries made their own Yes Theory group in their own countries. There is also a Discord group.

I’m a part of a few of these groups. These groups have been the most supportive and positive groups I have ever been a part of.

It makes me excited to meet all of them once this pandemic is over.

It’s important for everyone to have a community where they support and lift each other up. Nobody can live life and achieve their goals on their own.

The most successful people I know have a team around them who support each other and help them achieve their goals and wildest dreams.

4. You Should Choose Love As Much As Possible

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One particular video that Yes Theory made is the “Love Over Fear” video where they raised awareness about the ISIS terror attacks and how it divided people.

They showed that just because you have different nationalities, beliefs, looks, social status, or any other differences you may have with each other, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be friends with each other.

The 4 members of Yes Theory, all of them have their differences. Despite their differences though, they still formed a strong bond, that can be called a brotherhood.

If you have friends that have a lot of differences from yourself, don’t let your differences divide you. Love them despite whatever difference you may have with each other.

5. Live Your Life According To What You Want

Another quote by Yes Theory is “Live The Dash.” Think about tombstones. They usually have a Birth Date, a Dash, and a Death Date. The dash part is everything you do in your life between when you were born and when you kick the bucket.

The question is, what did you do in that “dash part of your life.” Did you truly live? Did you do the things that you want to do? Did you form loving relationships with people? Did you do your best to be a good person?

Whatever you do in your life is up to you. But, it’s your life, no matter what the people around you say, it’s your own life that you have. So why not live it according to what you want?

Yes Theory is one of the best Youtube channels I’ve ever subscribed to and one of the best communities I’ve ever been a part of. For me, they deserve to have at least 50 million subscribers and millions of community members.

What they’re teaching us and what they’re doing for the world is priceless and what the world needs right now.

Follow their example and go Seek Discomfort, Choose Love Over Fear, and Live The Dash!

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High Five!

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