20 things I believe:

  1. Anyone who works 40 or more hours a week should be able to provide the basic necessities for a family of four without needing government assistance. Basic necessities are a food, clothing, shelter and health care. If you want cell phones, cable television, or a Disney vacation, you need to develop your God-given talent, learn a trade or get an education.
  2. Any able-bodied, able-minded adult who refuses to work has the right to starve to death. Government assistance is for children, the elderly, the disabled, and those who cannot find work (but are actively looking). Period.
  3. Corporations that charge a fair price for their product/service, pay their employees a fair wage and don’t take government handouts have my blessing to rake in all the profits they can. Corporations that make obscene profits by paying slave wages, gouging the public, and “investing” in elections so they can reap millions in taxpayer subsidies should have the rug pulled out from under them.
  4. There are people on Wall Street who should be tried for treason. Destroying the American economy in the name of personal gain is economic terrorism.
  5. Everyone should pay the same percentage of their income to the IRS.
  6. When servicemen and -women return home from war, they should be first in line for employment, health care, mental health services and housing. If they don’t return home from war, their families should want for nothing. These people are heroes and we do a very poor job of treating them that way.
  7. We need to stop the practice of bribing politicians and calling it a campaign contribution. Let’s start by reforming the next presidential campaign. The top three candidates are given $1 million each (from the tax coffers). They have four weeks to campaign, and cannot spend one penny more than $1 million. On Election Day, we vote for the man or woman who ran the best campaign on a shoestring budget. Later, House and senate races are run the same way, with even smaller budgets. The country gets leaders who are fiscally responsible and not indebted to special interest groups.
  8. Citizens, especially children, need to be protected from lunatics with guns. It’s not a gun issue. It’s not a mental health issue. It’s both. I don’t have a solution for this one. I’m paying 535 people six-figure salaries to figure it out. A few of them are even smart enough to come up with a solution, if they would stop bickering like school children and get to work.
  9. Washington politicians are overpaid and over perked. They are public servants, not royalty. Let’s pay them the median salary of the U.S. workforce. If they want a raise, they have to find a way to raise the national average. Same with benefits — they get the same health care and retirement package as the average American.
  10. Immigration needs reformed. Step one, make the process to become an American citizen a little easier (but not too easy). Step two, give illegal immigrants one year to come forward and register. They have to agree to pay back taxes and serve probation and community service for their crime. Any violation of the amnesty terms is immediate and permanent deportation.
  11. We’re poisoning our planet and causing serious, irreversible problems for our children and grandchildren to deal with. This is the country that put a man on the moon. Why can’t we seem to fix this problem?
  12. When no one is going without food, shelter, clothing, education and health care in this country, then we will help people in other countries. Not before. The greatest country on Earth should have no need for food pantries or homeless shelters.
  13. If you’re not a mature, responsible, productive member of society, don’t have children. You’ll just create another generation of immature, irresponsible burdens on society.
  14. Education should be our single largest budget item. Education is the cure for poverty, crime and a truckload of other social ills.
  15. The mental health issue needs some serious attention. Our current system is to let the mentally ill fend for themselves until they hurt someone, then we lock them up. We need one-fourth the prisons and four times the mental health facilities.
  16. There is something seriously wrong with our justice system when it’s cheaper to pay out a cash settlement than fight a frivolous lawsuit.
  17. If Supreme Court justices continue to vote along party lines, we need to remove them all and start over. The parties already dictate to the executive and legislative branches. We don’t need that nonsense in the High Court.
  18. Congressional districts should be drawn by a computer program that analyzes key demographics to generate the best socioeconomic representation; not by imbedded politicians trying to guarantee their re-election.
  19. We should not treat American-born terrorists better than foreign-born terrorists. They’re worse. They’re terrorists AND traitors.
  20. I believe you have the right to your own opinion. I believe you have the duty to form your opinion by studying more reliable sources than Facebook, cable news, and talk radio. I believe attacking the opposition with name-calling and finger-pointing instead of intelligent debate is a sign of ignorance.
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