Introducing: This.
Andrew Golis

Congrats on the launch. Nice idea.

This is purely an observation and recommendation from one who has some experience in these types of things, but I *highly* recommend dropping the period from your name inside written communication. As part of the logo it’s cool — a functional proclamation and visual nod to your tribal/viral/social/sharing roots. But trying to write coherent sentences around a brand name that forces a fullstop mid-sentence is awkward at best. Every instance of the above article where This. is written throws a reader completely off-track because This. looks like a mistake Every. Single. Time.

You’re putting yourself into the trap Yahoo! set for itself, but far worse. Most folks will forget to type it, and many publications have style guides that actively strike artificial punctuation (along with arbitrary capitalization). You may defend it as “core to your brand” and I get that, but everyone else will view it as a gimmicky nuisance that makes their spell check go off.

This. can be This and it still drives home the point.

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