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We’re taking the first step toward a big update to Desktime, one that makes it easier for coworking and shared office space owners to manage booking, sell subscriptions and packages, and see how their space is doing. If you need to manage your space, trying out Mx. Desk is still a quick, no-subscription process — give it a try.

We’ve also made it more transparent how Mx. Desk makes money, and how much money you can make using our service.

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Happy holidays to all the spaces that make our work on Desktime (soon to be Mx. Desk!) possible!

Some of you are having slow weeks. Some of you are busier than ever, and we see it in our activity logs! Remote workers home for the holidays often realize they can’t get work done with parents over their shoulders. At CoworkBuffalo, the home base of Mx. Desk, we’ve been on-and-off, busy and slow. Slow is good, though. It’s given us time to make progress on our transition from Desktime to Mx. Desk.

Anyways, here’s what we’ve been doing in the meantime:

Learning how customers actually use Desktime, and how they want to use it.

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Naming a thing is hard, because sharing your dumb ideas is difficult.

When we took over management of Desktime’s billing and management service, we needed a new name. We tried a few strategies to come up with The Perfect Name, but only one really worked.

First, we tried not changing it very much. “DeskTogether” was the going name for a while. The software manages coworking spaces, where people are working at desks, together, so it seemed to make sense. Until we Googled the name and realized that “Desk Together” is how humans ask the universe to put their IKEA desks together.

Short, TL;DR version: Just a few fixes right now, and a new name: Mx. Desk

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Starting with the basics. / photo: Nick Quaranto

You are receiving this letter because you’re a Desktime customer, which gives us something in common. My name is Kevin Purdy, and I’m a co-founder of CoworkBuffalo. We’ve been using Desktime for years at our coworking space, and now we’re taking over the reins from our friends at Deskpass in Chicago.

What does this mean for you and your space? The only changes you’ll notice right away are a new name for the service: Mx. Desk (pronounced “Mix Desk” or “Mux Desk,” your choice). We’ve started to tune the performance of the site and enhance its reliability, so you’ll have an easier time checking off flex passes, setting up new members, and seeing who’s using your space. …


Kevin Purdy

Mx. Desk partner, CoworkBuffalo co-founder, Wirecutter/Sweethome writer, Buffalo person.

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