There’s a Movement to Revive Congress (Yes, You Should Care)

U.S. Constitution. Article 1

Congress, for all its faults, is the most democratic of the three branches. It comprises 535 individuals chosen by voters to represent their interests. Congress — not the president or the judiciary — is the branch that is most connected to the average Joe. On paper, it is the mightiest branch. The Constitution’s Article I gives Congress “all legislative power,” and empowers it to set the value of money, regulate interstate commerce and declare war.

Yet the executive branch has displaced Congress in our constitutional scheme. Presidents, beginning with Theodore Roosevelt, have snatched away much legislative power. But as Yuval Levin has observed, Congress mostly has diminished itself: “[M]embers (of both parties) would rather avoid responsibility for hard policy choices.” Levin notes that our lawmakers have fallen into a parliamentary mindset: members of the president’s party will carry his water and allow him to do via executive action what they should be doing via legislation….(Read more at

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