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A traveling salesperson heuristic in NlogN time

By repurposing a common machine learning algorithm, we can get a fast solution to a notoriously difficult problem.

A version of this blog post is available on my website.

What’s the algorithm?

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Is this heuristic worthwhile?

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Though, instead of taking hours or days to complete, each were solved in less than 5 minutes. The time to complete each of these countries are plotted on the following chart:

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This algorithm has not been compared to other NlogN algorithms (suggestions welcome); however, it has been compared to the Smallest Insertion (SI) algorithm, which take N² time. Running 1000 tests on random nodes when N=100, recursive clustering is better than SI more than 59 percent of the time, despite SI taking considerably longer.

My testing can be found in this Jupyter notebook.

Software Implementation

import recursive_clustering as rc# Create 100 random points and draw solution with K = 4
rc.solve_random(N=100, K=4)
# Given a numpy array, draw the solution
rc.solve_array(all_nodes, K=4)
# given a two-column CSV of X and Y, draw the solution
rc.solve_file('testFiles/usa115475.csv', K=5, draw=False)

All these functions return a dictionary, the tour length, and the wait time. The dictionary has the following structure:

path_d = {
ID0: {
'center': [X, Y],
'connections': [ID#, ID#],
'subnodes': [[x, y]....[x ,y]],
'hasBeenSplit': True
ID1: ...

This dictionary contains all clusters and their subnodes. If you wanted to access only the final nodes, you’d look only for keys whose subnodes list has a length one or haven’t been split. Or you can go to the last ID and follow the connections in a circle. Suggestions for better implementations are welcome.

What value of K should I use?

Can we make it better?

Additionally, although I haven’t yet run any tests, this algorithm would theoretically run in NlogK(N) time on higher-dimensional TSP as well.

Questions? Did you find mistakes? Contact me and see more projects on my website.

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