Are you tired?

Rest if you must, but don’t quit. I know it was an exhausting journey for you to be where you are right now. You did it on your own. You believed because your friends believed that you can. You had to take the risks and suffer consequences of your actions. You sacrificed so much and endured all the pain until this moment.

Breathe in. Relax. Remember that you’re here because you’re amazing. People look up to you. You achieved a feat not everyone can at your age.

Who cares about your fake friends? You still have your true friends who got your back. They may not be physically present, but you can rely on them.

Don’t quit here. You’re not the loser I know. Be strong. Hold on. “Don’t let them in. Don’t let them know.” You are way much better than this. Please believe in yourself again.

Inhibit. Resist.