Heart + Vision + Guts

I believe that great leaders lead with their heart. The heart leaders know that deep down inside of them is a well of emotion, love, energy, vision, passion and drive; and it’s the center of what makes them go forth.

The best heart leaders know how to dig deep inside to pull out all of that goodness and share it, in a raw way, with their team members & followers. People want a leader who can dig deep into that emotional well and pull up the water for everyone to be refreshed by. Trying to be great can be exhausting, and this is the key to keeping your team energized.

If you reach down deep and you don’tt have anything down in the emotional well, better figure out what drives you and what you’re passionate about. And there better be a lot of love down there for your team, because that’s the greatest motivator of all.

Don’t mistake this to mean that you don’t use your head, no one wants an emotionally immature leader. You need wisdom, you need discernment; but more than anything you need the heart, vision and guts.