Introducing: Oak

Kevin Rose
Oct 31, 2017 · 3 min read

Today I’m announcing a new meditation app called Oak.

In building Oak, I wanted an app for the self-experimenter, one that would blend technology and meditation in a thoughtful and useful way.

It will be a great addition to the many other meditation apps you might be using today. I’ve learned through my studies of Zen, Vipassana, and Transcendental Meditation that it’s best to try different methods and choose the one that works best at that moment in time.

Community-driven guided meditation app

Our guided meditation was the result of a lot of input from our beta testers. We started with an initial recording in a beta build of the app and gathered in-app feedback from beta testers as they completed their sessions (or ended them early). Reviewing this feedback individually and in aggregate (looking for larger themes) led to adjustments in pace, tone, and verbiage. We made hundreds of refinements to the final guided sessions before launch.

Oak beta by the numbers: App testers = 4,273, Community Members = 17,457, Total meditation time = 163,326.34 minutes/2,722 hours

Oak: What is meditation? How do I meditate?

Monks don’t use meditation apps

Advanced timer

Technology to track your progress

Also, make sure to check out your Oak user profile. It’s filled with detailed analytics including your minutes meditated, number of breaths you’ve taken (guided breathing), and community statistics like who’s meditating now.

New disciplines

No time for meditation, take a deep breath

How much does all this cost?

Thank you

Oak is available today in the App Store. More details on our website. If you have a moment, please vote for us on Product Hunt.

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