Sad Mormon Heaven and Mr. Rogers’ Wager
Jon Ogden

Hi Jon,

I enjoy your blogs.

You mention Plato’s “good, true and beautiful” — which I too value. Another lover of “the good, the true and the beautifyl” is Integral Theory author Ken Wilber ( Wilber is a philosopher interested in integrating all models of truth, goodness and beauty. His work is known as “Integral Theory.” There is a large and growing community of Integral writers, practitioners, and leaders. I find many Integral practices hold considerable wisdom.

I see you know Thomas McConkie. He is rebaptized Mormon, and involved with John Kesler is a collaborator with Thomas, and author of a practice called “Integral Polarity Practice.” John is also Mormon. Both are Integral practitioners and innovators.

Like you, I am post-Mormon, and interested in helping people live authentic lives and to participate in our community, regardless of their current faith choice.

I trust that with Thomas and John as examples, and with your own further study of Integral Theory, you’ll find value in Integral thought. Ideas and wisdom that will help reframe perspectives and build our community, whether as a Mormon, a post-Mormon, or as an outside observer.

As Dwight Eisenhower said, “Whenever I run into a problem I can’t solve, I always make it bigger. I can never solve it by trying to make it smaller, but if I make it big enough I can begin to see the outlines of a solution.”

Let me know if you’d like to chat. And best to you.

Kevin Rose

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