I picked up William Gibson’s The Peripheral again, after putting it down a couple months ago. It’s dense, and in true Gibson fashion, demands to be carefully read and re-read, rewarding me or leaving me behind, accordingly. It isn’t light reading at all, but it’s enjoyable, interesting, and keeping me turning pages.
Ten months ago, I rebooted my life. This is my monthly check-in for August.
Wil Wheaton

I love the idea of the Peripheral. I think I loved the book, or at least my understanding of the book, before I set it down a few months back. It’s dense. I’m afraid that I completely whiffed on essential information and themes when I started reading it the first time.

And now I’m worried that I’m going to have to start from the beginning when I put it back up.

I’m expecting it to feel like traversing dense swampland after the wide open gallop through the flat fields of The Expanse series.

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