Colliding Clouds

It’s hard to stay level headed, with life having so many rough edges, we find ourselves trying to trim the hedges, no room for acceptance, don’t like your reflection, get botox injections, I feel that’s the message society is sending to our adolescent, but at some point you run out of exits, and have to come to accept it, this life ain’t about the image but more so the essence of learning life’s lessons, it’s about finding answers to questions that weren’t to be questioned, and that drive doesn’t come from a lexus, at times it’s hard to find the message, like it’s subliminal, all these digital screens, I feel play a pivotal means on why we’re so miserable, up and down like an elliptical, so easy to be so critical, of ourselves when we base life off the material, just as easy to become distracted from this life in the physical.