Just a Thought…

I once was of the understanding that simply having “positive thoughts” would assure you positivity in your life. I no longer hold that belief. Perspectives are subject to change, as they very well should alongside the new experiences that come into our lives. Positivity is not merely just a mindset but more so a set of ways in which one should conduct their life outside of the realm of thought.

Actions speak louder than words and they most definitely speak louder than thoughts. Thoughts can be nothing more than a seed which can bare great fruit but it is action/s that help that seed grow.

You want more positivity in your life? Be that in your wake as well as in your thought. Be that in your interactions with others. Be that in your actions and as you’ll come to see, form follows function.

If your function in this life is to be the epitome of happiness and in your actions you act accordingly, you’ll start to form that positivity around you, within you, and about you which will generate and reflect for the betterment of the world that surrounds you.

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