You feel lost and abandoned, but hold on tight;

what pains you now, will soon be all right.

Mutual break-up, but now self-made victim;

troubled thoughts, and you don’t know how to depict ‘em.

Intuition welds the puzzle pieces together,

you’re dating him now, you think he is better?

Your heart goes to the ceiling, and your stomach to the floor;

what happened to that girl, that you truly adore.

Both playing games, but you’re not the victor;

she’s queen of silence, you’re just a predictor.

Synchronicity that you try to ignore;

the dreams of her, you know what they’re for.

Ego on blast, as you face yourself in the mirror;

is this about your pride, or you still want to meet her?

You go out at night and pretend that you’re having fun,

hoping to see her to fix what’s undone.

Time heals all, you know what they say;

It’s true, two years later and I’ve changed in every way.

Insecurities have now vanished, I dealt with those;

as for that ego, it shrinks now instead of grows.

All of this time, I thought I was alone;

Then I made a call and you’d never guess who picked up the phone.

I truly thank you for your role in that part of my life;

you helped me become a better man for my future wife.

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