The long Path from Destiny

We as human beings are the most emotional and the most sentimental animals on this planet. We come across a decoction of emotions, incidents; life experiences that shape us the way we are. The true meaning of our life and our lives are not shaped by the materialistic pleasures nor is it the innumerable titles we achieve. It has got a lot to do with how we shape others around us and how we inspire, love, support and lift the people around us. We cant decide that this is going to be our destiny. Life has many turns and ups and downs waiting for us. In these beautiful moments, what we think and act discerns us from the rest. The way you handle loss in business, a lost love, a failure in a pursuit and so many more. These moments though might put us down but how we react to it and how we do not let it us remain on the ground is the most important aspect of our life.

A lot of the current predicament is the same; study, grow up , work your ass off and then get settled. The meaning settled has always plagued me, what and how do you perceive it ? Has it got a quantifiable value? Is this status commendable or will someone award us with a title saying we have achieved everything in life? No, absolutely not! Let me tell you something, You have not achieved anything in life until you have fallen and got up, loved someone and lost them, been a close friend and become total strangers, fallen down and got up, inspired a person around you and shared your life with someone who understands it and tries to be a part of it. The people who come up surviving these experiences, if you have a look at them; they could give you more wisdom than any religious or scientific knowledge. These are the people who have lived life to its extent, fought for the things that they wanted, lost the things they always thought they would have but still smile. People like them are the few gems of this universe. What we can learn from them is not the path of the destiny. There has never been a single route to destiny. The most important thing we can learn is how to have a smile and cherish the memories we are making, its after all a single life.

We often see people around us, compare ourselves with others. But the most unfailing thing we fail to notice is how we are different from others. Life might not be pleasant for some people but for others it might seem perfect. We must not let these things bog down us and let it interfere with our spirit. For that each of us must delve into our own soul. What does your soul thirst for? Is it words? Does it crave for soothing music? Does it crave for some untiring effort? Does it care for the passion of some pursuit? This has higher chance of leading to your destiny than any of your professional degrees or education. Like a potter who shapes the clay in his hands to make a great pot, its up to us to shape our life. Be patient, hold firm in your beliefs, let your passion flow into the things you do and most importantly smile. Remember your smile could inspire a person around you to increase their potential.

I would like to finish by saying this, I did have a school friend; was not in great contact with him during college. I did know about his personal life, he faced the pain of losing someone he loved. As a friend and fellow sufferer I could understand that pain, but today he has risen from that and has inspired me in writing something which has been in my mind for a long time and in my heart for a longer time. What more of an example can I give you to illustrate how we can shape our life and the lives around us. To my friend, I would say this, Thanks for inspiring me and thanks for rising from your troubles. I feel inspired and I am Motivated!!!