Why I Don’t Trust Corey Feldman to Really Expose Hollywood’s Child-Rape Problem

A few hours ago, I liked and retweeted the following Tweet:

But yeah, that was before I did some research about Feldman.

First of all, he’s a big Hillary Clinton supporter:

He and Clinton are apparently even on a first-name basis:

And yeah, he’s not a Clinton-was-the-lesser-evil guy:

The thing is, Hillary Clinton is literally a corrupt, warmongering serial liar with both indirect and direct ties to convicted child rapists/traffickers:

In 1975, when she was a practicing lawyer, Clinton even defended a child rapist by accusing the 12-year-old victim of having “a tendency to seek out older men”:

Feldman also praises Bill Clinton, despite the numerous rape allegations against him:


I mean, it’s not like Bill Clinton would ever lie about his sexual life, would he?

Now, here’s my main issue with Feldman:

Yeah, some of the supposed Pizzagate evidence really is fraudulent, but there’s also quite a bit of legitimate evidence suggesting the existence of a child-rape ring that is connected to the pizza place Comet Ping Pong and to two other restaurants:

Shortly after Ben Swann’s Pizzagate segment aired on CBS46 on January 17, 2017, he went off air for a few days. He then posted that he’ll head back to CBS46 on January 30 and that his Twitter profile and Facebook page will go dark on February 1.

As Swann states in the video, he really only scratched the surface. For example, the name of the man who owns Comet Ping Pong, James Alefantis, comes quite close to “j’aime les enfants,” which means “I love children” in French. And it gets weirder than that, a lot weirder:


What I kind of find to be the smoking gun is how the mainstream media, including TYT and RT, covered Pizzagate.
Case in point: in the following interview, neither the interviewer nor Alefantis addresses or refutes any of the key pieces of evidence:

So, even though Feldman knows that child-rape rings involving influential people exist, he called Pizzagate a fraud without addressing any of the evidence that suggests otherwise, which means he either didn’t do enough research or knew about the evidence but decided to call Pizzagate a fraud anyway…

I want to be perfectly clear about this: I didn’t write this story to hurt Feldman’s feelings. I’m actually in a similar situation as he is. When I was eight years old, I was sexually abused by a highly successful German photographer (I sued him, but, thanks to the police’s “investigation,” he’s not in prison, and, last time I checked, he was still working with children).

I also didn’t write this story because I’m a Donald Trump supporter — I’m not.

I wrote it because Feldman’s behavior makes me highly doubt that he’s going to do a good enough job of exposing Hollywood’s child-rape problem, so I think that, instead of counting on him, we should, you know, make use of the internet and do our own research, especially since we also generally can’t count on mainstream media outlets — they have protected rapists numerous times, with the latest example being: “How Top NBC Executives Quashed The Bombshell Harvey Weinstein Story.”