Now is not the time to go Green (Party)
Friends of the Earth

You made multiple false statements in this article. For example, in 2012, Jill Stein was actually arrested for a pipeline protest.
Anyway, Hillary Clinton’s track record is absolutely horrifying. For example, she opposed desperately needed minimum wage increases in Haiti, she sold fracking to the world, she supported NAFTA, she helped dismantle Aid to Families with Dependent Children, the pointless wars she voted for got millions of people killed, she supported Bill’s racist crime bill, and she approved billions of dollars worth of weapons deals with Saudi Arabia even though she knew the country is the world’s largest source of funds for Sunni terrorist groups.
I think Hillary just cannot be trusted. She actually had the audacity to choose pro-TPP Ken Salazar to lead her White House transition team. She also wants to start an air war over Syria with nuclear-armed power Russia if she is elected president. She even said she’s in favor of military responses to cyberattacks by foreign governments.
If the Democratic Party were actually willing to change, it would’ve let Bernie Sanders run against Donald Trump, since he polled way better against him than Hillary did. However, it sabotaged him anyway, as it wanted to make sure that Hillary will be elected president, and I think it’s pretty obvious that it did so because it wants to continue with its corruption. The Democratic Party has proven that it cannot be trusted, so I think we really shouldn’t waste our time on it, since there’s the Green Party.
Voting for the lesser evil is what got us into this situation. The people were screwed over by these corrupt politicians, such as Hillary, so now a lot of them are so fed up with the system that they’ll even prefer an insane bigot over another one of them. Voting for the lesser evil yet again is not the solution to Trump’s movement. Jill is the only candidate who can actually stop it, as she is the only candidate (who could numerically win the election) who doesn’t take money from lobbyists, Super PACs, and PACs, meaning she actually has the freedom to stand up for what the American people are clamoring for.
There are about 43 million people who are locked in student debt, and Jill is the only candidate who would cancel it. If those people hear about her plan, and then vote for her, she would actually win a three-way race. There are almost three weeks left to spread the word, and there’s social media now, so I think all bets are pretty much off, especially since she has managed to triple her poll numbers within one month before, which happened before she started getting some mainstream media coverage.
In case you didn’t know, according to numerous polls, the majority of Trump’s supporters support him because they dislike Hillary, while the majority of Hillary’s supporters support her because they dislike Trump. These two are the most disliked and distrusted presidential candidates in history, and polls show that most Americans want more choices.
Even if Jill wins just 5% of the vote, the Green Party will be eligible for millions of dollars in federal matching funds for a 2020 presidential campaign, and it will receive automatic ballot access (in most states).
Also, the polls heavily underrepresent independents and millennials, meaning Jill’s numbers are actually much higher than the polls say. In addition, if they didn’t phrase the key question so improperly (“If the Presidential election were held today, which candidate would you vote for?”), Jill would do even better (they should ask: “Whom do you want to become president?”). 
By the way, ranked-choice voting would prevent a splitting of the vote, but the Democrats blocked it anyway.