Upgrade yourself in 7 days

2 years ago I wanted to be a better developer overnight. That didn’t work out very well, but I learned a lot in a very short time. Things that installed habits that will help make me a slightly better developer/entrepreneur/person every day.

I wanted to code better..that’s where this story started.
For years I was a web developer but I felt I could do better.
I started researching different companies like Facebook, amazon, IKEA and many others.

I found that the core of many companies we build our lives around, where made in a short amount of time and gradually improved over time.

But the initial effort was enough to spark the idea into a collectively trusted company. That was mind blowing to me, one small idea and one person that blindly starts executing it can really make difference in many peoples lives.

I learned about the technical solutions that Google, Amazon and other players offer. I didn’t believe I could do anything with their solutions because it was too complex. Same with artificial intelligence, that was cool..but science fiction to me.

One weekend I sat down and began to write down a plan to use all of those tools. I came up with a service that would take your initial idea and let you post it (anonymously if you wish). An AI would then find ways to help you based on different API possibilities and find the right people to help improve your idea.


“I want to work for a major television company”

The AI would ask you questions that you have to write down in stories.
This way the robot could scan your stories for keywords that might be useful to help you with. It would try to understand your goal and improve along the way.

In this example it would add blocks to my goal with all major television companies. Then use those names to search for key people in those companies. Then use those people to search for their online profiles. Then use that data to find out what they did yo get there. Then use that info to find similarities with the author of the idea. Then find similar activities in the city of the author. If there is a company that does productions for that major television brand it would add that company as a block to the story. Their might be key players or key things to learn at that company.

Next to the A.I., people could add blocks to help you just a little bit further on your journey. Someone might know of a book that might help you, might suggest a person or a place.

The service could send you updates about those subjects every day until you mark it as achieved.

I ended up not completing that service in 7 days.. I haven’t even completed the service as we speak..uh..read.

But because of my drive that week, I learned new coding framework, gained new thought patterns, read different newspapers, called up new people and behaved completely different from the previous years.

I used the amazon cloud to upload user files. I used the YouTube API to find relevant videos. The twitter API to find relevant subjects and people. The LinkedIn API to find relevant people. The amazon API to find relevant books and other products on their web shop. The Skyscanner API to help find the right places and how to cheaply get there.

Cheated a little bit, it took me 2 weeks to be satisfied with the application.

But even after 4 days I was satisfied with my new way of thinking. It enabled me to find the most simple solution to achieve my goal.

While thinking about how the system should work I noticed that that same pattern is how the whole universe works. You start with an idea and find similarities between other already existing ideas. Then you find the right subjects, people, resources etc. You can do this alone or by asking for help. Every small step of help gets you closer.

The mvp of the project opened my eyes, I’m planning on relaunching it next year. This time with the help of other developers and non developers that like the idea.

The mvp was part of my resume, it showed many non technical personal traits and because it was technical and functional I was able to really show them my code and how it operated so far.

It had flaws, don’t get me wrong. Things weren’t perfect. The code wasn’t perfect and the results weren’t perfect. But the effort + the progress + the new mindset helped to show people what I am capable of.

Sometimes I doubt myself, but I always think back about that week and lift myself up.

I really believe just following just one of your ideas for 7 days can positively influence your life.

Now go and take the time to write down one uncertain unrealistic unreasonable idea.

Divide your days, start with research and end with celebrate.

7 day challenge

  • Spark idea.
  • Research.
  • Gather knowledge, people, available resources.
  • Execute! Take action.
  • Publish early, don’t wait for perfection.
  • Share everything. Take more action!
  • Celebrate

Whatever happens in between is up to you and you. The first spark the first moment of execution the first action you do with spark the next one.

Have a great 7 days!

I would love to receive your story about your experiences, feel free to reach out on any platform you can find me on(Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn).

Kevin Schenkers