Burlington, Ontario’s Kevin Gray Highlights the Duties of a Facilities Manager

Facilities management is an essential component of any business. Typically, facilities managers are responsible for anything pertaining to the physical office space that work is conducted in, and for ensuring that the building in which a company is operating meets the needs of the employees who work in it. Now that you understand the bigger picture of what a facilities manager does, you might be wondering what a day in the life of a facilities manager looks like. Kevin Gray of Burlington, Ontario is a leader in the facilities management industry. His experience in project management and operations management, as well as his expertise in sourcing contract staffing has provided him with the opportunity to work with one of Canada’s fastest growing companies, all of which makes him the perfect person to offer insight into the responsibilities of a facilities manager. Continue reading for a breakdown of some of the key duties of a facilities manager.

Coordinating Office Renovations and Moves

Is your business planning on relocating? Are you looking to refurbish an older office space? Do you have plans to renovate the boardroom? Kevin Gray claims that when a business has a facilities manager on their team, the organization and management of any of these projects falls to them. They will source vendors to carry out the move or renovation, draw up and oversee the follow-through of each vendors’ contract, and from the start date until the completion date, will be there to ensure the operation runs smoothly. Without an operations manager, a business will need to allocate an individual to oversee the process, which in turn will remove the employee from their regular tasks — decreasing efficiency, and productivity.

Ensuring the Maintenance of the Office Space

Kevin Gray claims that one of a facilities manager’s key responsibilities is the general upkeep and maintenance of the office space. In essence, they are always to make sure that, the building abides by the health and safety codes of that province. For example, maintenance of a space refers but is not limited to waste disposal, security, parking, catering, cleaning, as well as the office systems such as IT and equipment like computers, printers, or kitchen appliances.

In addition to overseeing the functioning of these systems, a facilities manager is also tasked with managing budgets and keeping payment records for all transactions relating to the maintenance of the building. In line with this, it is also the duty of a facilities manager to proactively schedule periodic check-ins with inspectors and outside vendors to assess the functioning of existing office systems.

Handling Emergencies that Arise

Kevin Gray asserts that dealing with emergencies (and even more importantly, developing backup plans in advance) is the responsibility of a business’s facilities manager. For example, if a piece of office equipment were to break down or if the building were to experience a power outage, it would be the job of the facilities manager to handle the emergency and implement a contingency plan to mitigate the consequences and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Developing Plans for the Future

A facilities manager must always work closely with other top managers at a company in order to ensure the workspace consistently meets the needs of its workers. Kevin Gray is quick to note that companies evolve, and often this growth leads to a change in office requirements. Whether its determining a plan to upgrade existing equipment, such as computers, or infrastructure, such as moving to a larger office space, it is the duty of the facilities manager to anticipate these changing needs and work with the other managers to carry them out in the necessary time frame.

Facility Management for Major Canadian clothing manufacturer

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